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The BoonDocs mission, from the very start, has been to bridge the gap between environmentally focused content and engaging entertainment. We specialize in projects that foster a connection to nature and the environment by connecting with the viewer. Once we feel it, we care. We seek to learn more and we get involved.

About Liz McGregor

Liz has worn many hats in film and video, from product placement

to producing. She has worked as an Assistant Director on

independent feature films, such as Big Night and Drunks, and as a Producer of commercials. She has directed film festivals in New York City and Tahoe, California and has organized festival tours in Chile (Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour) and Maine (Mountainfilm on Tour).  

Liz was the Producer of Marketing & Distribution on the inspiring cargo bike culture documentary, MOTHERLOAD, and she is currently working on a short for NRS Films about the inspiring all-girls kayaking program in Futaleufú called Chicas al Agua. 

In print, Liz and collaborator Alex Nicks have recently completed

work on their large format photography book, Portrait of Patagonia -Futaleufú, Chile. The book is available for sale  on

Liz lives in Newcastle, Maine and in Futaleufú, Chile with her family.

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