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Fishing is paying attention to the small things, the smallest of the details. And these details are all connected to how we find the fish, how to go after them. I used to hate flat water—it was just the in between. I thought there was nothing there, but now I run the rapids to get to the flat water. It looks like nothing is happening, but it‘s busy—full of life and forms, speeds and depths...”

—Alex Obregon

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When your life is the river, you tend to go deep. A moving reflection on what it means to be the water, to the fish, to one’s truest expression of self. Alex Obregon found his love of fly fishing by way of whitewater, and simultaneously deepened his understanding of all the spaces—and species—that a river holds.


Alex began his whitewater career as a safety kayaker and then later became a raft guide. After over two decades of guiding, he became interested in what lay below the surface. He claims that there are a thousand ways to catch a fish and that it‘s a personal choice...dry flies, spay, salt water, fresh waters.

In Alex’s case, his strength as a fly fishing guide comes from knowing the water and understanding how water moves. With his skills, he takes his guests to spots where most fly fishing guides wouldn't think to go.

This fifteen-minute short brings the viewer DEEP into the experience of fly fishing and its effect with beautiful and unexpected imagery. Themes of connection, environmental stewardship and global citizenship will be addressed by way of Alex’s stories and experiences—highlighting the importance of each on a personal and universal level. The overall message being that fishing—and life—is less about the catch and more about the moment.

Produced and directed by Liz McGregor

Co-Director: Alex Obregon

Directors of Photography:  Felipe Zanotti

Edited by Felipe Zanotti of Z Films

Starring:Alex Obregon

Co-Producer: Stacie Wunsch

Duration: TBD

Language: Spanish & English (with English & Spanish  subtitles)

Premiered / released  on TBD

Status: Currently in  development

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