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Land Conservation

Love creates commitment, whether we are ready for it or not.  For me, this applies to people... and place. 

I fell in love Chilean Patagonia. It wasn't a slow thing.  It blindsided me a little bit.  I was 20 years old

and I remember the precise moment when I promised to return and never forget.  I was lying

on my stomach with my hand dangling into the never-ending blue ripple of Rio Cochrane,

soaking up the golden glow of the surrounding hillsides.  The blues, golds and greens of Patagonia... 

they filled my heart with pure, honest and serene joy. It was a first for me.


These days, the area of chilean Patagonia where I spend most of my time is the Futaleufú river valley.  

Futaleufú is spectacularly beautiful on sunny summer days - the glory days - but the subtle beauty that 

comes out on the gray, rain drenched days is just as powerful in its somber serenity. 

Not overtly obvious, Futaleufú is experiencing a boom. Lands are changing hands and the valley is

developing at a faster pace than ever before. With these changes comes the need to protect the river corridor

from over development and maintain some open spaces that will welcome all people to experience the river. 


SantuaRio Futaleufú  is the first land conservation project of it's kind in the Futaleufú River Valley.

A protected riverfront sanctuary Park on over 4 hectares (approximately 10 acres) of land located on

the most frequently visited section of the Futaleufú river, the section known as “Bridge to Bridge”.


Please click here to learn more about SantuaRio Futaleufú, an exciting project that will preserve 

pristine riverfront and create a place for all people, visitors and locals alike, to experience

the raw natural beauty of the Futaleufú River... and, hopefully, fall in love.   


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